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Cengiz Holding's International Success Support For Young Winning Athletes


Cengiz Holding will financially and morally support Turkey's successful and talented young people who have achieved international success in various sports branches within the scope of the "Young People of the Moon Star" project.

ISTANBUL (AA) - Young people who inspire the youth of Turkey and the world with their worldwide success in sports have come together in Cengiz Holding's 'Young People of the Moon Star' project.

According to Cengiz Holding, the holding decided to financially and morally support Turkey's successful and talented young people who have achieved international success in various sports. Young people who have overcome all odds in various sports, from wrestling to fencing, equestrianism to athletics, and raised the flag of our country by winning first places and medals in international competitions, came together in the 'Young People of the Moon Star' project initiated by Cengiz Holding.

The young people, who dedicated their international achievements to Atatürk on May 19, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, will continue to inspire new names aiming for success. Challenging the world with their achievements, talented young people promise Turkey that 'I will do better and make our country proud', as if proving Atatürk's words 'I am proud of the youth and I trust the youth'.

- 'Youngsters of the Moon Star' Project brought together special talents

According to the statement, Gülcan Palavan, who was born as one of the 7 children of a shepherd father in ArdahanGöleSamandöken Village and signed a real success story by bringing our country the third place in the world in athletics, Aleyna Ertürk, who has received dozens of degrees in many competitions she has participated in fencing from an early age and ranked 6th in the world this year, HamzaBakır, one of Turkey's pride, who won the Gold Medal at the World Young Stars Wrestling Championships in wrestling, and TahaYedikardeş, who pushed the limits in the equestrian branch with his degrees and awards in Turkey and around the world, became the first 'Moon Star Youth' of the project. The young people who starred in the project's promotional film emphasized the faith, effort, and boundlessness behind their success stories. In the movie, it was conveyed that the Moon Star Youth continue to walk on the path they believe in to achieve new successes.

- Targeting new success stories

The Young People of the Moon Star social responsibility project, which was initiated with 4 talented young people who have crossed national borders with their talents and won first prizes around the world, will follow in the footsteps of new success stories. As part of the project, Cengiz Holding will provide financial and moral support to children who have achieved international success. The Holding will be the closest supporters of their efforts in their professional sports lives.

- Project support is open to all branches of sports

The achievements of 4 talented young people, who never wavered in their belief in achieving success and who worked tirelessly despite all kinds of impossibilities, formed the starting point of the Young People of the Moon Star project. Any young person with international awards can be included in the project. There will be no branch limitations on the achievements of young people. Cengiz Holding will support young people in every branch in which they have achieved international success, such as athletics, rowing, basketball, cycling, horse riding, fencing, football, gymnastics, weightlifting, handball, hockey, judo, taekwondo, tennis, table tennis, shooting, archery or volleyball. Every young person who challenges the world with their achievements and brings international awards to Turkey will be able to benefit from the support offered under the project.