Musa Evin: ''Leather exports to the USA are increasing, we have the best quality leather in the world, we have shortcomings in promotion'’

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ISTANBUL -Gursel Leather Textile Jewellery Chairman Musa Evin said that leather exports to these countries came to a standstill due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Evin said that the leather sector has turned its eyes to remote countries and stated that leather exports to the USA and Korea have increased. While leather exports to the region came to a standstill due to the Russia-Ukraine war,  the Turkish leather sector turned its route to distant countries as an alternative. The overseas countries strategy initiated by the Ministry of Commerce started to make its impact felt in the leather industry. In the first 9 months of 2021, leather exports to the USA were 42 million dollars, while this figure increased to 62 million dollars in the January - September period of 2022. The Russia-Ukraine war was also effective in turning the route of Turkish leather manufacturers to overseas countries.

''WE NEED TO INCREASE OUR SHARE IN THE US MARKET'’ Musa Evin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gursel Leather Textile Jewellery and Assembly Member of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) Leather, Fur and Leathergoods Professional Committee, made statements about the recent developments in the leather sector. Evin reminded that a new initiative was launched in leather exports to overseas countries and said, "We see the reflections of the overseas countries strategy initiated by the Ministry of Trade on the leather sector. Our leather exports to the USA are increasing. We also have initiatives to extend to Korea. The US market is a market with high purchasing power. Promotional activities and fairs held in those regions increase our exports. ''WE HAVE THE BEST QUALITY LEATHER IN THE WORLD, WE HAVE SHORTCOMINGS IN PROMOTION'’   Speaking about the quality of Turkish leather, Evin said, "We are the country that produces the highest quality leather in the world, our only problem is in its promotion. We cannot get enough share from leather exports as a country. The most important reason for this is promotion. Very high quality leathers are produced in our country, we have shortcomings in promotion. In order to increase our share in the market, our promotional activities should also increase" he said. ''DUE TO THE RUSSIA-UKRAINE WAR, OUR LEATHER EXPORTS TO THE REGION ARE AT A STANDSTILL'’ Musa Evin, who also mentioned the effect of the Russia-Ukraine war on the sector, said, "Russia and Ukraine were the countries where we exported the highest volume of leather. Our leather exports to Ukraine have stopped, while our exports to Russia have decreased by 50 per cent. As the war affects everything negatively, it also prevents trade," he said. THE BLEEDING WOUND OF THE LEATHER SECTOR 'QUALIFIED STAFF’ Regarding the problems experienced in the sector, Musa Evin said, "There is a shortage of qualified personnel in the leather sector in Turkey. Leather sector is a labour intensive sector. In this sector, labour cannot be trained very quickly, a certain period of time is required to pass.  We need vocational schools, these schools need to be widespread. In addition, the provision of scholarship support by the state to the students studying here will also serve as an incentive. After graduating from vocational schools, advantageous conditions above the minimum wage should be provided. These will be effective in solving the shortage of staff, which is one of the biggest problems of the leather sector".
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