Mehmet Cengiz Donates 3 Billion TL to AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent

Gökşen Akyüz 8 months ago 13736

Cengiz Holding Chairman Mehmet Cengiz donated 2.5 billion Turkish Liras to the “Turkey One Heart” aid campaign organized through a joint broadcast to heal the wounds of the earthquakes centred in Kahramanmaraş.

Cengiz Holding Chairman Mehmet Cengiz participated in the “Turkey One Heart” aid campaign, which was organized with a joint broadcast to donate to AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent in order to heal the wounds of the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquakes. Cengiz, a businessman from Rize, stated that they donated 500 million TL on the first day of the earthquake and that they committed to donate 3 billion TL by adding 2.5 billion more.

Mehmet Cengiz, a businessman from Rize who condoled for those who lost their lives in the earthquakes and wished a speedy recovery to the injured, said: “As Cengiz Holding, we have been in the earthquake zone with our expert teams and 1134 people with our construction machines since the earthquake occurred on Monday. On the first day of the earthquake, we provided 500 million TL in cash aid. In addition to this, I am committed to 3 billion TL by making 2.5 billion more cash. Our citizens living in the earthquake zone should not worry at all. Together with our business world and our state, we will overcome this very easily. We are businesspeople who have faith in the world. We are at the disposal of our nation. I sincerely believe that we will overcome this in a short time together with our nation, together with our state. Today is the day to stand by the nation and our state. This year, let the whole nation work for the state and the nation. With these feelings, may Allah never let this kind of pain happen to this country again. We are experiencing a great pain. We are willing to take any kind of duty. We are at the disposal of our state and nation.”


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Gökşen Akyüz

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