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Record donation from Fettah Tamince to Acun Ilicali's campaign


Turkey united as one heart to heal the wounds of Elazig, which was shaken by a 6.8 earthquake! Fettah Tamince's donations caused a storm of applause in the studio.

Famous businessman and owner of Rixos Hotels Fettah Tamince connected to the live broadcast presented by Acun Ilicali on TV8 by phone and donated 250 thousand TL to the aid campaign launched for the earthquake victims of Elazig. Fettah Tamince also stated that he would like to host 50 earthquake victims families in his facilities whenever they wish. Fettah Tamince received great applause from the audience in the studio with these words. WHO IS FETTAH TAMINCE? Who is Fettah Tamince and how old is he? Fettah Tamince, the owner of Rixos Hotels, is also the boss of Sembol Construction Company. Fettah Tamince is originally from Van. Fettah Tamince has 3 children. Born in 1972 in Van, Caldiran. Fettah Tamince completed his primary education at Caldiran Primary School and today he is the Chairman of the Board of Sembol Construction. After completing his primary school education in Antalya and Germany, Fettah Tamince started his first business ventures during his university years. Today, the fields of activity and investment of the companies owned by Fettah Tamince cover various sectors such as tourism, hotel investments and management, construction, energy, real estate, media and education. Fettah Tamince, who has developed projects in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia, built his first 5-star luxury hotel, Labada Hotel, with 180 rooms on a beachfront site in Antalya Camyuva in 2000. In 2001, he started the first Rixos Hotel with his Ukrainian businessman friend. He completed the construction in 8 months and put it into service. Today, Fettah Tamince operates a total of 21 hotels, 11 in Turkey, 3 in Kazakhstan, two in Ukraine, Libya, Switzerland, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and 1 in Croatia. Operating since 2000, Sembol Insaat has been involved in many projects such as hotels, entertainment, art, shopping, sports, media and congress centres, mosques, libraries, universities in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia.

Rixos Hotel, Mriya 5 star Resort Hotel, Nursultan Nazarbayev University Stage II - Phase 1, Astana Library, Alupka Villas, Gorky Gorod Entertainment & Shopping Centre, Gorky Gorod Sberbank Guest House, Astana National Military Academy_ Stage 1, Khan Shatyr Residences, Antalya Theme Park and Dream of Phaselis. Sembol Construction projects.