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TRY 1.5 Million Support to Trabzonspor From Batman Businessman


Within the scope of the financial support campaign initiated at the point of melting Trabzonspor debts, Batman businessman Metin Gunes provided TRY 1.5 million support to the club.

In the statement made on the subject on the official website of the maroon-blue club, "A pioneering and exemplary support came from Batman to the efforts initiated to get our club back on its feet economically. At the same time, Batman businessman Metin Gunes, who is also a Trabzonspor fan, provided TRY 1.5 million  financial support to our club."

GUNES: "I HOPE EVERYONE WHO CAN AFFORD IT WILL PUT THEIR HANDS UNDER THE ROCK" Businessman Metin Gunes said in a statement on the club's website that he hoped his support would encourage other businessmen from Trabzonspor and said:

"You don't have to be from Trabzon to support Trabzonspor. We grew up kilometres away from Trabzon with the love of maroon and blue. We spent our childhood with the great pride it gave us. Trabzonspor was the first to show us that there it is not  'impossible’ to bring Istanbul teams on their knees. This is a debt of loyalty for me. I hope that every Trabzonspor fan who can afford it will show the same sensitivity and put their hands under the stone for our club to get out of the economic crisis it is going through as soon as possible.”


Trabzonspor Club's President Ahmet Agaoğlu thanked Metin Günes for his contribution. Emphasising that he believed that this gesture would set an example for other businessmen from Trabzonspor, Agaoglu said, "We emphasise that Trabzonspor is a big community at every opportunity. No one has any doubt about this; however, there are some crisis periods when this 'greatness' needs to be proved, and we are going through such a process. I invite our entire community, from seven to seventy, financially big and small, as a part of this club, to this solidarity.”