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TURKISH SIGNATURE ON EUROPE'S SILK ROAD Cengiz Insaat completed the motorway from Budapest to the Adriatic Sea. 

Cengiz Insaat completed 20 kilometres of the motorway, which connects the north of Europe to the south and is called the 'Silk Road of the EU', ahead of schedule with an expenditure of 355 million Euros and made a significant contribution to the development of Sarajevo. After the completion of the motorway, world giant companies pressed the button for investment in Bosnia and foreign investments worth 6.6 billion dollars came in. Explaining that this project is a very important reference for Turkish contractors, Utku Gok, Director of Overseas Projects at Cengiz Insaat, said: "We are not taking our machinery park back to Turkey. Turkish companies will take a role in the new projects".

SARAJEVO – Ranked 2nd in the world after China, Turkish contractors continue to outperform the world giants and write new success stories. Cengiz Insaat, which won all three tenders organised for three separate stages of the C-5 corridor, known as Europe's 'Silk Road', has completed a total of 355 million Euros of work ahead of schedule and delivered it to the EU. Utku Gok, Director of Overseas Projects at Cengiz Insaat, told the story of the section of the motorway built by Cengiz Insaat, which connects Europe, starting from Budapest to the Adriatic Sea.

Explaining that the C-5 motorway, which connects the north and south of Europe and completes the eastern and western corridors, has both economic and strategic importance, Gok said, "There are two other things that are very important for us. One of these is the economic recovery of Bosnia, where the world's greatest sufferings were experienced, and the other is the recognition of the power of Turkish contractors in Europe.”  Stating that the tenders for the motorway consisted of three separate stages and that separate tenders were held for all three, Gok said, "As Cengiz Insaat, we participated in the tender as the only Turkish company that received a qualification certificate after the motorway project we built in Bulgaria was examined. We competed with the giant companies of Europe in this tender. We won all three contracts. We completed the 369 million Euro project for 355 million Euros, under the initial budget. Starting from Budapest, the capital of Hungary, the motorway passes through Bosnia and goes down to the Adriatic coast. 360 kilometres of the motorway passes through Bosnia. As Cengiz Insaat, we have completed 20 kilometres of it. Of these 20 kilometres, 5 kilometres consist of tunnels. We have built one of the longest tunnels in Europe. It connects with the motorway that starts from Greece and extends to Italy."

The pace of the project surprised the Europeans

Explaining that the EU Commission was surprised by the progress of the work after the tender was finalised and the work started, Gök said, "We made a very fast start. We ask for progress payment, money comes. As the project was implemented fast, we ask for money again. They had to come and check. They were very surprised. They said that they had never encountered a project progressing so fast. Then the Europeans got used to our working speed and continued to send our progress payments.”

1800 persons were employed

Explaining that 1800 persons were employed during the construction of the motorway, Gok said, "We brought half of our employees from Turkey. We recruited the remaining 900 individuals among the local people. We tried to contribute to the country's economy in this way. Considering the population of Bosnia, we see that 900 people represents significant rate of employment.  This is not only a motorway, but also a road that will alleviate the suffering of Sarajevo. We looked at what changes in Bosnia after the motorway was completed. Bosnia started to find more export channels and export more. Foreign investors are flowing into Bosnia. Upon completion of the motorway, the total investment amount reached 6.6 billion dollars."

We did not take the machinery park back to Turkey

Adding that they will not move the machinery park back to Turkey despite the completion of the project in Bosnia, Gok continued his words as follows: "The Ljulin motorway in Bulgaria was the reference for this work. We completed this project ahead of time and under the initial budget. They want us to be participate in new tenders. We may start a new business here soon.  Cengiz Insaat has significant experience abroad. The largest dam on the Shamkir Stream in Azerbaijan was built by Cengiz Insaat. This dam is the highest dam built by Turkish contractors abroad. All of the dam's engineering works were carried out by Turks. We brought 1000 labourers from Turkey and contributed to the country's agricultural irrigation and electricity needs. The total cost of this dam is 948 million dollars. We provided employment for 1500 people at Iraq Erbil Airport, which we completed in 2010. Currently, 1400 people are working in the ongoing Kuwait International Airport Passenger Support Terminal project, and we will deliver the project in mid-2018."

Turkey's firsts are from Cengiz

Adding that Cengiz Insaat has carried out important works both at home and abroad, Gok said: "Two of the four airports in the world built entirely on the sea have the signature of Cengiz Insaat. In 2015, we completed Ordu-Giresun Airport. We saved Ordu and Giresun from being forced to use Samsun or Trabzon Airport. Now we are building an airport on the sea between Artvin and Rize. The performance of these works require an important engineering knowledge and years of experience. We were involved in the construction of a significant part of the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railway line. The Zigana tunnel, the longest double tube tunnel in Europe, connecting the north and east of Turkey, also bears the signature of Cengiz Insaat. The construction of Istanbul New Airport, the world's largest airport, continues at full speed.”