Village House and Earthquake Houses are Being Built With Fibre Composite Blocks in Nurdağı

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      • "The product is 10 times lighter and 40 times more durable than bricks"

A village house and a 6-apartment house are being built with interlocking fibre composite blocks in Nurdağı district of Gaziantep, which was affected by the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquakes.

The 400 square metre village house can be built in 4 days with composite blocks produced by Renco company (Yeşil Holding) from recycling materials such as glass, fibre and mineral powder. 

In the project, which includes a kindergarten, a village house, and a 3-storey house with 6 apartments, the rough construction of the school consisting of 4 classrooms in Nurdağı-1 Container City has been completed. Construction of the village house and housing continues in Alparslan Türkeş Container City.

TOKİ expert civil engineer Fatih Taşdemir, TOKI expert civil engineer told AA correspondent that the construction of kindergarten and earthquake housing continues, "One of the houses is a detached village house project consisting of 3 + 1, 130 square metres, and the other is a multi-storey apartment building project consisting of 6 apartments."

Taşdemir said that the fibre composite material consisting of interlocking blocks has high resistance against fire, wind, and earthquake. 

Project coordinator Erkan Güngör also stated that the product produced from recycling is domestic.

Stating that they have been working on the product for 15 years, Güngör continued as follows:

"We managed to have this system accepted as the 4th building system in the USA and used it in many constructions. Thanks to TOKİ, we started these constructions in our country. We think that we will meet the need for earthquake-resistant housing in a very short time. With this building system, we can construct all kinds of buildings up to 5 floors.  For example, we can complete the carcass part of a 400 square metre villa in a short period of 4 days.  The product is also a green product as it is produced from recyclable materials. There are no carcinogenic and harmful substances.” 

"The product is 10 times lighter and 40 times more durable than bricks"

Güngör stated that the materials in the product can be recycled. 

Pointing out that the product is robust and resistant to earthquakes and wind, Güngör said: 

"The product is 10 times lighter and 40 times more durable than brick. Although the product is strong on its own, it is like a tunnel mould when all parts are locked together modularly."


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